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 Like a travelling fairground or circus show, a nineteenth century cricket tour was meant to make money. The tour promoters took their teams to play in every corner of the countries they visited.  In doing so, they had little intention of fostering or spreading the game of cricket all around the world. Their aim was to increase income. They quickly appreciated how to capture the public's interest and bring in a greater attendance by pitting the best players from two countries in a contest against each other. Gradually, such matches came to be regarded as 'Test matches'.

Not all tours were able to make money for the promoters because the public response was so unpredictable.  Speculative visits to the United States or New Zealand generally ended in loss. Consequently, most of the early English tours were made to Australia, which helped to improve standards there, as did reciprocal visits by the Australians to England.


English sides had toured Australia three times before, in 1861-62, 1863-64 and 1873-74, but the two countries had not previously been matched on equal terms, that is, eleven players-a-side. This first happened in March 1877 when James Lillywhite's team played the best XI in Australia at Melbourne in the first 'Test' match (though it was not called a Test match at the time- the phrase 'Test Match' was first used in 1861, again by The Melbourne Argus in September 1884 and was in common usage by 1894). This makes 1876-77 the first 'Test tour'.  As the cricketing rivalry between Australia and England built up, and its appeal to the spectators became apparent, the two countries exchanged regular visits, a tradition which grew from 1877 onwards.




Tours marked * are completed. Other tours in preparation.



To Australia 2013-14

To Australia 2010-11

To Australia 2006-07

To Australia 2002-03

To Australia 1998-99

To Australia 1994-95

To Australia 1990-91

To Australia 1987-88

To Australia 1986-87

To Australia 1982-83

To Australia 1979-80

To Australia 1978-79

To Australia 1976-77

To Australia 1974-75

To Australia 1970-71

To Australia 1965-66

To Australia 1962-63

To Australia 1958-59

To Australia 1954-55

To Australia 1950-51

To Australia 1946-47

To Australia 1936-37

To Australia 1932-33

To Australia 1928-29

To Australia 1924-25

To Australia 1920-21

To Australia 1911-12

To Australia 1907-08 





To Australia 1903-04

To Australia 1901-02

To Australia 1897-98

To Australia 1894-95

To Australia 1891-92

To Australia 1887-88 (S)

To Australia 1887-88 (V)

To Australia 1886-87

To Australia 1884-85

To Australia 1882-83

To Australia 1881-82

To Australia 1878-79

To Australia 1876-77


To West Indies 2008-09

To West Indies 2003-04

To West Indies 1997-98

To West Indies 1993-94

To West Indies 1989-90

To West Indies 1985-86

To West Indies 1980-81

To West Indies 1973-74

To West Indies 1967-68

To West Indies 1959-60

To West Indies 1953-54

To West Indies 1947-48

To West Indies 1934-35



To India 2005-06

To India 2001-02

To India 1992-93

To India 1988-89

To India 1984-85

To India 1981-82

To India 1979-80

To India 1976-77

To India 1972-73

To India 1963-64

To India 1961-62

To India 1951-52

To India 1939-40

To India 1933-34


To Pakistan 2000-01

To Pakistan 1987-88

To Pakistan 1983-84

To Pakistan 1977-78

To Pakistan 1972-73

To Pakistan 1968-69

To Pakistan 1961-62





To South Africa 2009-10

To South Africa 2004-05

To South Africa 1999-00

To South Africa 1995-96


To South Africa 1976-77

To South Africa 1968-69

          both cancelled

To South Africa 1964-65

To South Africa 1956-57

To South Africa 1948-49

To South Africa 1938-39

To South Africa 1930-31

To South Africa 1927-28

To South Africa 1922-23

To South Africa 1913-14

To South Africa 1909-10

To South Africa 1905-06

To South Africa 1898-99

To South Africa 1895-96

To South Africa 1891-92

To South Africa 1888-89



To Zimbabwe 1996-97

To New Zealand 2001-02

To New Zealand 1996-97

To New Zealand 1991-92

To New Zealand 1987-88

To New Zealand 1983-84

To New Zealand 1977-78

To New Zealand 1974-75

To New Zealand 1970-71

To New Zealand 1965-66

To New Zealand 1962-63

To New Zealand 1958-59

To New Zealand 1954-55

To New Zealand 1950-51

To New Zealand 1946-47

To New Zealand 1932-33

To New Zealand 1929-30


To Sri Lanka 2003-04

To Sri Lanka 2000-01

To Sri Lanka 1992-93

To Sri Lanka 1981-82



To Bangladesh 2009-10

To Bangladesh 2003-04

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